For the past six years I've been building massive structures, putting my health at risk and driving my car into the ground getting from job to job. All I ever wanted to do was make enough money to get the gear I needed to do my own thing, and then I'd be out. I found myself working there longer than I had planned, even though I had all the tools I needed. There's something about security that the mere idea if it is so inviting, we choose to see it where there is none. We talk ourselves into the benefits of the perceived stability and safety in just doing what's easy.  

Easy I suppose being a relative term, there's nothing easy about construction and for those who aren't in the field, you should truly appreciate all the blood sweat and tears going into every square inch of the world around us. It's hard on the body, and you do things for the sake of the job that may not be the safest or smartest, but they get the job done. Was it worth it in the end? Certainly it was. I learned a lot, worked with a lot of great people, and came out at the perfect time to make a change.

Which brings me right here. I'm not yet sure what this will be, but for now it's my foot in the door of the internet. My goal is to create content that is worth both your time, and money so that I can make a living and you can laugh, cry and otherwise get it in the feels. While it may not be immediately apparent just how awesome I am, just spend some time with me and you'll see why I just did the internet a huge favour. Yes, favour, I'm Canadian that's how we spell it.